Duct Tape Light Saber


Introduction: Duct Tape Light Saber

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This is for a Harrison biography but you can just play around with it have fun!!
- Julie :D

Step 1: Materials

PVC pipe u can use what ever size fits you
Duct tape
Blade or scissors

Step 2: Saber

To make the colored part take your tape and wrap it around the top of the pipe leaving about 5 in at the end you can make a point if u want

Step 3: Handle

To make the handle take black or silver tape and wrap it around the empty space at the bottom u can choose to add details if u like

Step 4: End

Wrap around the end a couple times to make a puffy handle then cut off tape and you are finished dress up in your best Star Wars garb and tada you r a Jedi hope u guys had fun with this I know I did keep commenting I love to here your feed back!! :D



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    You should have put each layer of tape in strips it gives it a more store look


    Yay I finally made this yea!!!