Picture of Duct Tape Lily
This duct tape lily is a super simple variation on the classic duct tape rose. It’s pretty simple, but a little messier than the very symmetrical rose design as it requires gathering each of the petals as you attach them. It’s OK if it looks a little rough as you assemble it because the one of the last steps is to cover up all your folds with a single strip of long white tape that tightens and smooths your petal layers.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Picture of Gather your supplies.

You will need: colored duct tape (white, yellow, green); wire coat hanger; scissors; and wire cutters.
BlackgraceG6 months ago

mine definitely didn't come out as good, but i guess it came out okish... really nice craft! all you ever see is just roses! there needs to be more variation! the lily idea was awesome!

poofrabbit3 years ago
Love this! I've seen roses made with duct tape, but this is so fun! I'd love to see a vase full of them. Great 'able!
So pretty! :D