Picture of Duct Tape Masks
Okay, so you must have duct tape everything by now, duct tape shoes, socks, gloved, laptop bags, jackets, everything. But the one thing you don't have, is a duct tape mask. The last bit of skin not yet covered by duct tape will be is you follow this.

It takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, maybe more if you are a perfectionist, the white one in the photo below took and hour, because of the shape of the muzzle/nose it took a long time.

A lot of this instructible is based on YOUR imagination and designs just to let you know.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Very few things needed:
- Lots of cardboard
- Lots of duct tape (Colours you want your mask in)
- Making tape

And tools:
- Knife and/or scissors
- Cutting mat
- A pencil and a sharpie (Or any other marking pen)

Now you're set to make a mask!

Step 2: Designing the Mask

Picture of Designing the Mask
Basically, you've got to pick a shape of a head that you like. When you've found something that you like the look of, mess with the design a little more (Although it might not be clear enough to understand what went on in my mind, a basic idea is shown below) remember to put eye holes in somewhere, and maybe even a mouth hole.
Firstdalek2 months ago

good ideas, this is begging to be the inspiration of something bigger! love the creativity, keep going!!!