Picture of Duct Tape Milk Carton Planters

Why buy new planters like a sucker when you can quickly make a more adorable ones from milk cartons and duct tape?
The combination of a water proof carton and strong duct tape make these pots durable enough to use inside as well as outdoors.

Milk Carton
Duct Tape - Gray, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Red
Parchment Paper

Stencils (optional)

Step 1: Cut Milk Carton

Picture of Cut Milk Carton

Get your milk carton (Half gallon or quart) and decide how tall you want your planter to be.
  • Cut the top off the milk carton
  • Unfold top piece
  • Remove plastic spout
HeatherP23 months ago

I want to make these! Too bad I already planted...

sparkleponytx5 months ago
Love this idea! And making the stickers from duct tape is so clever!
Thanks for sharing your adventures with duct tape. I have used it at times to tape planters that were cracked with a ring around the top when I had a bunch of transplants to do. Shows a feeling of conquering a project and doing what works and is available.
wilgubeast4 years ago
These duct tape planters look great.