Step 4: Decorate!

Now the fun part! 

Using parchment paper allows you to create all kinds of duct tape stickers.  You can make intricate designs without getting tape stuck all over the place or having it fold up on itself.
  • Stick duct tape to parchment paper
  • Turn over and using a pencil, outline whatever design you like. You can use a homemade template from graph paper, a stencil or just freehand drawings
  • Cut out designs
  • Remove duct tape from parchment
  • Affix your new decorations to the carton
Fill your personalized pots with plants and flowers. 

<p>I want to make these! Too bad I already planted...</p>
Love this idea! And making the stickers from duct tape is so clever!
Thanks for sharing your adventures with duct tape. I have used it at times to tape planters that were cracked with a ring around the top when I had a bunch of transplants to do. Shows a feeling of conquering a project and doing what works and is available.
These duct tape planters look great.

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