Duct Tape & Milk Jug Knife Sheath





Introduction: Duct Tape & Milk Jug Knife Sheath

I wanted a super small and lightweight sheath for the knife in my Pocket Survival Kit (PSK).

A Kydex sheath would likely take up way more real estate than this sheath.

Step 1: Cut Milk Jug

Cut the side out of a plastic milk jug.

Step 2: Cut Plastic

Cut the plastic to the shape of the knife blade.

Add some extra so the blade can be completely covered.

Step 3: Fold Tightly

Fold over the plastic as tightly as you can.

Step 4: Duct Tape

Tape the plastic shut as tightly as you can.



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    This is very good. I tried it for my buck skinner knife and it makes a great "mountain man" style sheath. With one of those, you put it under your belt and the tighter the belt, the better it holds your knife in. Also, put it under your elastic to carry concealed.

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    Mountain Man never had plastic. Use wood, leather, or bone. Much nicer for a Mt. Man outfit.!

    Good way to recycle plastic and protect your edge tools!!!

    Nice little knife. Going to cut one out now. I use old steel and iron I find. Drill press and grinding wheel are my friends!

    Quick and easy... and cheap! Thanks!

    did this one today...really liked it since I had a soft case for my camping knife. Thinking maybe if trace the outline of the knife from both sides and cut out as one piece might work better for me. My knife is a LITTLE bigger than yours. I really did like this...good job!!

    Dude your sheath is really cool! I made one for my scissor knife and put it on a bandolier made out of duct tape. It's really crude but it kind of look's cool.

    HOLY crapola cornholio!! where did u get a knuckle dagger?!

    that knife is called a C.R.K.T. Sidehawg i believe
    heres a link

    you can make something similar with folded paper and stink tape

    where do you get that knife

    pretty cool ! Did you try to heat seal the edges before you taped it up?