Picture of Duct Tape Minecraft Creeper
this is a great project for a day at home.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Dark green duct tape
light green duct tape
black sheet of duct tape
12" x 12" box
black pantyhose

Step 2: Measure

Picture of Measure
place a strip of tape on your cutting board and measure with the side of the roll.

Step 3: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut along the side of the roll.
you should end up with perfect squares.

Step 4: Place

Picture of Place
put the the tape in a checkered pattern on the box.

Step 5: Cut Out The Face

use the sheet of black and cut out the face and place it centered of the mask.

Step 6: Cut Eye Holes

cut eye holes where the creepers eyes are and then place some black pantyhose behind it so its not just a hole

Step 7: Your Done

Picture of Your Done
now you can go show off your new creeper head.
KattBlog2 years ago
Can u do props?

plz try

14skillman (author)  KattBlog2 years ago
never tried