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Introduction: Duct Tape Mummy!

Find a victim, I mean willing partner..... To protect skin and clothing, use the trash bags and cover all exposed areas (i.e. step into a trash bag, cut a neck hole and arm holes and create a trash bag shirt, insert arms into trash bags, etc.) Beginning at the feet, wrap your partner's body in duct tape all the way up to the neck, including the arms. Plan for about a 45 minute "wrap session." After the entire body is wrapped, cut off (carefully) with scissors. Start cutting at the neck, continue down the middle of the back and then down the back of each leg and each arm until you can remove the duct tape "suit." Tape the cuts that you made to remove the suit. Stuff entire mummy. Duct tape a styrofoam head to the neck of the body. Soak cheesecloth in instant coffee. Allow the cheesecloth to dry completely. Wrap the mummy with cheesecloth.

Supplies: Large trash bags, 4 rolls of white duct tape, 3 bags of cheesecloth, Instant coffee, Stuffing, Styrofoam head.



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    wow i love the idea and the look i think this would be cool if i made it articled or a anmatroinc prop