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My trademark weapon: The Duct Tape Ninja Star. These shuriken are fast, simple and inexpensive to assemble, making stockpiling for your next mission a breeze. They work similarly to paper shuriken, except they are heavier and much more durable.

Now you too can sling some sticky silver shuriken!

Step 1: Really, that's it!

Picture of Really, that's it!

As far as tools and materials go, all you really need is a roll of duct tape. Scissors are recommended, but you could probably get by without.
dude7874 years ago
how thick does the duck tape need to be
DucttapeNinja (author)  dude7874 years ago
The tape thickness doesn't really matter, but the thicker it is the better it will fly.

its also heavier

I think its a really cool idea! I've been making them out of paper ..... thx for the tutoral ^_^
yapoyo3 years ago
the duct tape cannot be creased how did you do it
DucttapeNinja (author)  yapoyo3 years ago
Just press it down as flat as you can. It probably will unfold the moment you let go but all you really need is that wrinkle to guide you. The final step when you tuck in the points should keep it from springing out.
thanks 4 the quick reply man
Cpt.Awesome3 years ago
man this worked perfectly, thanks for the instructables
PlotMasterX4 years ago
You know, I didn't even think of this! I been making them out of index cards, THEN covering them with duct tape. Man I feel dumb. This is a nice method though! >.<
swimmer34 years ago
Alinora5 years ago
AHHHHHHHH! i got lost at the last photos! HELP ME PLZ! i'm sitting here with a pile o' duct tape trying 2 figuer out what to do!!!!!
dmuc11115 years ago
yeah whatever.........................
GuardianDuo5 years ago
Very detailed, and nice companion pictures as well. Have you thought of using your duct tape skills to craft a shuriken pouch?
DucttapeNinja (author)  GuardianDuo5 years ago
Thank you! In fact I have made a few pouches / holsters. Ironically what's worked the best for me is wrapping a strip of tape around my leg with the sticky side out. It's not pretty, but it's great for the quick-draw.