Step 10: Turn Tote Right Side Out

Picture of Turn Tote Right Side Out
Well, that's pretty self-explanatory.

  • Turn bag right side out.
  • Test out your awesome magnets.
  • Fill it with goodies.
  • Send some to me.:)

I AM obviously clumsy! I just did not read it 'till the end! GREAT tutorial! I'm making one... at least!!!! Thank you!

MYT CR8TiV2 years ago
Could you sew the seams up with a sewing machine instead of using a stapler ? I kinda wanna try making one but a very large one that would hold groceries and I want it to be able to withstand the weight of the items that are going to be placed into it. Love this idea though. Thanxs for sharing !!
scoochmaroo (author)  MYT CR8TiV2 years ago
You definitely don't want to sew over duct tape - it will jam up your sewing machine something awful. But skip the duct tape step, and you're good to go!
that is so cool i love it
isandy4 years ago
This rocks! Will try to make one this week. Thanks to share the instruction here! Will read the zipped version too!
md4v34 years ago
This is sooo cute. Imma try to make this one. Thanks!!!
tking-34 years ago
This is really awesome!! I think I will make a few for different days of the week :) Thanks so much for sharing.
terriann4 years ago
I can imagine modifying the dimensions and shape of this and making an awesome trash can for a bedroom. The duct tape can be wiped down but the fabric is much more lovely than a rubber bin!
I really like this eco tote bag idea. will try crafting one soon! :)
Thank you, so much. I could not think of a gift for my friend for Christmas. Now I have the best idea!!
amnesia926 years ago
these ideas of yours are amazing, im going to try some out and so are some friends.
bonnmom6 years ago
I wanted to make a tote out of the Capri Sun juice bags that I've seen. Do you think there is a way to use duct tape with that project instead of fabric? I don't sew at all. Thanks
scoochmaroo (author)  bonnmom6 years ago
I think that's a great idea! I definitely think it willw ork
cheese106 years ago
This is a GREAT idea! One question: Is there any way you can think of to add a pocket or two on the inside? Just curious. Thanks!
scoochmaroo (author)  cheese106 years ago
aww, yeah. I was thinking the same thing.
Stay tuned for more duct tape instructables, with pockets coming soon!

spoiler alert
the next one uses a zipper! subscribe to me to stay on the cutting edge!
Yes please do one with a zipper. I think it's also a GREAT mother's day's gift... I didn't know what to get for my mother now I know THANKS!
scoochmaroo (author)  acexkeikai6 years ago
thank you very much :)