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Duct Tape one of the best inventions to any maker, and one of the best tools in Macgyver inventory, favorite to Mythbusters also because the did two episodes just based on this.

Because it's so great i tend to have different kinds, Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Masking Tape, Two Sided Tape, etc.

To optimize my workspace and my time it's nice to keep everything organized, in this project i will show you how to keep your Duct Tape organize and free of dust.

Step 1: Watch the Video

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Watch the video and see how easy it is to make this project.

Step 2: Gather the Material

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You will need for this project:

- CD Cake Box

Step 3: Get Started

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This project its really simple, just put your Duct Tape inside of a repurpose CD Cake Box and it's done.

Not also you are reusing an object, but also keeping your tools out of dust, the dust tends to lodge on the edge of the tape .

In this case is more easy to find your different types of tape because they are inside of a bigger container nice and neat.

Step 4: -

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Yonatan24 (author)2015-12-21

I can't find these boxes anywhere! :(

This one with the screw is more difficult to find but the normal ones will do the trick.

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