As I was putting up my Christmas Tree, I realized it was WAY too bare. Me, being my normal cheap self, needed to create a cheap, fun way to decorate my Tree. And so I did. I introduce to you, the Duct Tape Ornament. And the great thing about it, is that you can find some use for it during all the seasons, maybe as a door knob thing, or maybe you just choose to keep it as a seasonal thing.
but yeah,
here's the Duct Tape Ornament/Decoration

Step 1: What You Will Need

What You Need for this simple craft is pretty basic (and I would be ashamed if I didn't have this in my own home)

Quick List:
Yarn(Whatever color fits your needs)
Duct Tape(Preferably colored)
Any Ball like object that fits your wanted size(I went with a Tennis Ball)
Would Easter eggs work?
But duct tape is not cheap
infact uif you turn the cone upside down you can make it into a christmas tree
you have given me some great ideas "thanks" Great Idea
What could I use instead of a heavy ball? maybe a foam ball?
I was thinking of just scrunching paper into a ball and try it like that. <br>Maybe tape the paper ball tightly first to keep the shape.
ur pics on this 1 luk more like orange and black not red and blakc
one could use any color even green and red
one could use origami designs and ductape to make other decorations
aslfjsadtgasf awesome. No fair, fueling my love of duct tape. My girlfriend is gonna start questioning me every time I buy a roll now... Like it's some kind of addiction.<br />
wow! this is reli creative! &lt;3 it!<br />

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Bio: I'm just a sixteen(16) year old kid from somewhere that uses WAY too much Duct Tape. I just want to share my abilities ... More »
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