As I started with visual mod for my laptop: https://www.instructables.com/id/Duct-tape-laptop-skin/   now it was time for the good old PC. I'm not such a great fan of Pac Man but this was just an idea that ( you can see by yourself ) came up very nice at the end. I hope you enjoy my instructable!

Step 1: Materials

All i needed for this project was my PC (I had to disconnect it for a while :(, ), and few rolls of colored duct tape( yellow, blue, red, white, green), scissors and plenty of imagination.
Very nice i like it except i would've made the white ghost orange. so did you not have orange tape or could you only find white? <br />
just that's the variety of colours i found and the white one's not the best colour but you catch the picture.
I love this idea! Definitely gonna spice up the computer with this :)
It's better than the ordinary gray box though :)
Hehe gave an idea - Tetris layout :D Tnx mate , cool instructable
If you think about it - there are a lot of games you can make - super mario. snake :) Go for it!!
Yes there a lot of games to choose from , tny
Verry nice...... hummer_head
THIS. IS. AWESOME.<br><br>very nice job with the tape, maybe you could add a layer of contact to it to keep it from peeling/being damaged
i'm not worried about that - it's a PC after all and all it does is standing in the corner but i may cover it to be sure. Thanks!

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