Introduction: Duct Tape Pack Man!?

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PaCkMaN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or pack-girl!! i love duct tape and packman so i combined them, mwahahhaha!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

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For this ible you will need the following:
-your favorite duct tape
-sharpie or marker
-your hands!! :)
-if you are makeng a pack-girl you need a hot-glue gun
-magnet(not shown and optional)

Step 2: Strips

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Cut two strips of duct tape about the same length. Then attach them. Please look at the pictures.

Step 3: Small Strips

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Now cut smaller strips and lay them opposite direction of the first two. It is really important to look at the pictures on all these steps. (it doesn't matter if the duct tape hangs over a bit)

Step 4: Shaping

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Now cut the two sided duct tape into a circle. After that cut a triangle out for the mouth

Step 5: Decorating

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Grab your sharpie (or marker) and start decorating. Draw an eye and swirlies or dots or whatever to make it yours!! If you are making a packGIRL use a bow.

Step 6: PackGIRLS Only!!

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Use the hot-glue gun to attach the bow to the packgirl. You can decorate the bow if you like.

Step 7: Your Finished!!

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You are finshed with your packman!! (or packgirl): ) You can attach a magnet to hang it on your fridge or give it as a gift or just engoy it like it is!!


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