Introduction: Duct Tape Pencil Box

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You will need scissors, something hard and rectangular (I am using a tablet lol), duct tape (obviously), and cardboard.

Step 1: Trace

Picture of Trace

Trace along your rectangular object and make the shapes above. I traced the correct lines with a marker. You need the front, back, sides, bottom, and lip. (I forgot to trace the bottom with the marker)

Step 2: Cut Out

Picture of Cut Out

Step 3: Tape Together Like This...

Picture of Tape Together Like This...

and then cover completely with duct tape. On the part where it is taped in random places, you don't need to do that, there were holes in my cardboard.

Step 4: Cut Off Excess Tape

Picture of Cut Off Excess Tape

Do your best not to cut the cardboard.

Step 5: Messed Up

Picture of Messed Up

cut off triangle flap and tape it to a small cardboard rectangle. cut off excess...sry for mistake.

Step 6: Tape on the Flap

Picture of Tape on the Flap

Step 7: Cut a Small Piece and Rip It in Half, This Keeps Your Flap Down.

Picture of Cut a Small Piece and Rip It in Half, This Keeps Your Flap Down.

Step 8: Ta-Da!

Picture of Ta-Da!

tape the flap down and done!


Coolloom (author)2015-05-21


Book Girl (author)2015-05-19

Thanks! I am already preparing for back to school! lol

CuriosityMachine (author)2015-05-19

Good way to recycle cardboard!

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