Here is a simple, easy way to make a pencil grip in under five minutes with the one material everyone has: good ol' duct tape! You can make an assortment of these pencil grips in no time, varying in color and size. The best part about these is that if you like your pencil grips thick, you can make them that way. If not, it's okay, you just won't use as many layers of duct tape, making a thinner pencil grip. The thing about duct tape is that it is really strong and just as good as any other material; it is cheaper, too! With these instructions, you can make a sturdy pencil grip customized just for your very own pencil!

  • Duct Tape (patterned tape works best)
  • Pencil
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Step 1: Wrap the Pencil Sticky Side Out

Picture of Wrap the Pencil Sticky Side Out
13 8:19 PM.jpg
For starters, determine the length you want your pencil grip to be. It is easier to just go with the standard width of the duct tape, but if you like the challenge, go right ahead! Take a strip of duct tape sticky side out and wrap it tightly, but not too tightly that it can't slide up and down, and not too loose that it slides right off the pencil. Remember, the sticky side should be out.

Step 2: Wrap More Tape On

Picture of Wrap More Tape On
13 8:19 PM.jpg
13 8:19 PM.jpg
Next, wrap duct tape (sticky side in, like normal) around the sticky base of the pencil grip. You may want to do this in sections in case the duct tape gets positioned wrong. The more tape you wrap around the pencil grip, the thicker it will be.

Step 3: You're Done!

Now, unless you are going to go ahead and start using the grip right away, slide off the pencil grip from your pencil and admire how sturdy it is, and how many of these you could make in such a little amount of time! Give them to your friends or keep them to yourself. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and thicknesses to vary what your outcome may be!
chrimicho0613 made it!18 days ago

ta daaaa u made a lot more for my friends and family but this is my most recent one.

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jojo53531 year ago
Clever! I'm going to try it.
jojo53531 year ago
Clever! I'm going to try it.
wilgubeast1 year ago
You really made your photos stand out on this project. Your documentation skills are top-notch.