Today we will make a phone charging holder to prevent your phone from hanging to the ground when charged. You can vary the colours to make it more decorative.

Step 1: Make a Sheet of Duct Tape

Step 2: Making the Pouch

Add a stripe of duct tape around it and cover all sticky surfaces.

Step 3: Charger Entry

Cut a small area on the bottom for your charger to enter.

Step 4: Make a Hanger

Add two stripes of duct tape facing each other and cut out a bit for the charger as seen in the picture

<p>awesome project. Are you gonna do more of these?</p>
<p>Probably some in fancy colours for my friends :)</p>
<p>Great idea! I love making things out of Duct Tape! </p>
<p>Thanks, that project can be done in 10 minutes if you're quick :)</p>

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