Picture of Duct Tape Pocket Notebook
I always carry a sketchbook with me everywhere I go, this is because as an artist/writer. ideas for stories or drawings are around every corner in life. I used to carry a little A6 sized reporters pad for these ideas, but the pad bent in my pocket, or got soggy from the rain. Slowly over time, the pad became so damaged that I didn't like using it. I went to the stationary shop to find a replacement, and I tried the waterproof paper (which by the way, doesn't work like you'd expect it to, writing and drawings still smudge, the paper just doesn't get all mushy) so I set out to build my own, version, not so much 'waterproof' but will protect the paper from getting wet from wet pockets.
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Step 1: Getting Stuff Together!

Picture of Getting Stuff Together!
It's a fairly simple Instructable to follow, and only need basic things:
-A4 Paper (I found in my area it's the cheapest kind of paper)
-Corrugated cardboard
-Precision crafting knives
-Duct tape

I made another one before that used wood glue, so the binding of the paper is completely up to you, this may mean wood glue, hot glue, or book binding materials would be needed instead.

Step 2: Cutting the Paper, Folding the Paper

Picture of Cutting the Paper, Folding the Paper
Simple step really, I personally wanted a slightly rough look to the book, so it looked obviously home made, so I tore the paper by folding and creasing the paper multiple times and then tearing the paper down the centre by gripping the paper on either side, making a small tear on the top, and then just pulling the paper apart.

I tore each sheet of A4 until it made four A6 sheets.

I then took each of the now A6 sized sheets, and folded each one in half, to make eight A7 pages per A4 sheet.
-JMS-11 months ago

Do you like Syaracuse Orange? I noticed your duct tape colors.

coolsista91 year ago
Woah woah WOAH!!!!
billbillt1 year ago
great idea
tjk942 years ago
Very well done...I have been using a similar duct tape notebook for a few years now though i prefer to make mine 5.5x8.5 in (half sheet of US printer paper).

I know my notebooks have gone through several versions with new features being added and improved constantly...I cant wait to see what features you add.
Silentz (author)  tjk942 years ago
That size tends to be my favourite for drawing when I'm at home, I don't like having all the empty space on a full sheet, but I hate running out of room with smaller pads. I simply carry this one around with me because it fits in my pocket a lot easier than a bigger one, although text notes are now made on my phone.

Thank you for the comments, do you have an instructable for your notebook?
tjk94 Silentz2 years ago
I tend to carry my notebook around with my computer which is generally in my backpack so I don't mind it being a little bigger. Before that though I used one of about the same size as yours.

I haven't made an instructable for mine yet, though now I will probably do that the next time I make one.
tjk94 tjk942 years ago
Also, by the way, the "sets" of pages are called folios (I think that is spelled right).
Silentz (author)  tjk942 years ago
Thanks for the tip! Learn something new every day!
Greta R.2 years ago
for book binding i use a needle and thread. it works really good!
Silentz (author)  Greta R.2 years ago
I would have done, but I'm so cheap and lazy, I couldn't be bothered to search through all the rubbish in my garage to find needles/thread. Neither could I be bothered to go to the shop to buy some, but great idea all the same!