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Introduction: Duct Tape Pop Art

About: Just a girl who spends her days crafting! I love creating new things out of duct tape, clay, or anything that can be made into something new!

This duct tape pop is inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. It it on a 9in by 12in canvas. I used seven Duck Brand colors which include black, tan, electric blue, dark blue, red, white, and yellow. This duct tape painting took me around 2 1/2 hours to make.

Step 1: The Base

After you have found the photo you will be using, determine the base color. I started by covering the canvas is black duct tape. This way, I could layer the other duct tape colors on top. Then, I layered the color that would take up the most space on the canvas. I cut the face shape out of the tan duct tape using an x-acto blade and a cutting mat.

Step 2: The Hair

After I did the face, I started to cut the hair out of the yellow duct tape. Then I used red, white, and blue duct tape to create the head band. If you mess up laying down the duct tape on the canvas, you can peel in back up and try again.

Step 3: Facial Features

After I finished the hair, I started to cut out the facial features. This is the hardest step. Be very careful when cutting out these designs because they are small. When creating these, I used the layering technique, which allowed me to make the eyes and mouth. For the eyes, I used electric blue, white, and black duct tape. For the mouth, I used white, black, and red duct tape. For the nose and eyebrows I used black duct tape.

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    15 Discussions

    i did not even know that you could make something so cool with duct tape

    Love Lichtenstein....I love you too Jeff but....

    There I was feeling all smug about refurbishing an old card tabletop with duct tape this morning and you've made art in less time! Well done!

    Wow :) maybe I'll do princess x


    Interesting technique, although it would require a lot of colors. And amazing result!

    Cool, I'll try that out with starwars characters!

    It may be just "Duct Tape" but it sure takes talent to make it look that good. Great job!

    Awesome work. I love the layering technique you use here. The final product looks fantastic.


    3 years ago


    That turned out looking great! I'm always impressed with how much can be done with duct tape!