Introduction: Duct Tape Pouch

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Step 1: Supplies

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First your going to need is: scissors,duck tape a glue gun and Velcro

Step 2: First Step

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So first make your duck tape 12 inches long and four pieces wide

Step 3: Make Two

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Step 4: Then Stick the Two Pieces Together

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Step 5:

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Then cut two pieces of duck tape four inches long and sick on the side of your pouch

Step 6: Glue Gun!!

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Now all you need to do is cut the Velcro and glue it on your pouch

Step 7: Done

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And there you have it your very own duck tape pouch.

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indywave (author)2015-06-18

Thanks. Got it at dollar tree

Nice! I love the pattern on this duct tape too!

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