Duct Tape Purse





Introduction: Duct Tape Purse

make a cute purse for all ages even the perfect gift for christmas

Step 1: Materials

Materials- 2 different colored roles of duct tape, cutting board, exacto knife, Velcro, and sisors

Step 2: Inside of Purse

choose the color that u want on the inside of your purse then cut strips that are the same length, about 5 strips and have them over laping about 1 mm

Step 3: Take It Off

slowly peel of the duct tape from cutting board

Step 4: Outside

take your other color and do the same as step 2 but make a little skinnier and use only 4 strips then combine the 2 and fold over the outside onto the inside

Step 5: Creases

make creases in the sheet so you now how you want it to end

Step 6: Almost Done

cut a piece of the out side color to line up the side of the purse then cut the tape in half then put the pieces on the sides and cut of ecses tape

Step 7: Velcro

cut 2 squrares off of the Velcro and take the fuzzy sides sticky off and stick were you want then take the other sides sticky off and fold down the top

Step 8: Done

Your done! Please comment and like and follow thx.



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    8 Discussions

    it is possible to make and u have to make it very carefully and it should work because duct tape is like water proof

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    should I make an instructible on how to make a duct tape hair bow

    My son was wondering if you could make a rain suit our of duct tape

    please comment what I should make next