Introduction: Duct Tape Quiver

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Step 1: Supplies

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Duct Tape
Measuring Tape

Step 2:

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Start buy cutting a peice of duct tape about the size of your arrows.
Then cut another piece the same length and put it on the 1st peice as good as you can get it.

Step 3:

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     Then cut another peice and put it on the floor or table sticky side up and put the piece of duct tape you made in Step 2 and put it on the sticky piece as strait as you can with about 3/4 of the sticky tape showing.
     Then put another peice of duct tape on the sticky side as strait as you can like in the pic.

Step 4:

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     Follow step 3 until you have about 10-12 inches in length.
Then put a peice of duct tape and connect it to the other side and this should give you a cylinder.

Step 5:

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     To make the bottom make a 8 by 8 inch mat sticky side up and cut out the cardboard ot fit the bottom and placit on the mat right in the center. Then put it on the bottom and fold all the sides on it. Gaet a 2 foot piece of duct tape and wrapit around the bottom.

Step 6:

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     Use the measuring tape and put it over your dominate hand shoulder down to the oppisite waist. Make the strap using that length of duct tape by putting two sticky sides together and tape it to your quiver.
     You can adjust it by taking the strap off and making them further or closer apart.


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