Duct Tape Reusable Coffee Sleeve


Introduction: Duct Tape Reusable Coffee Sleeve

This is a great way to reuse those coffee sleeves you get with hot drinks!
-Coffee Sleeves
-Duct Tape

Step 1: Find a Coffee Sleeve....

You just need a coffee sleeve.

Step 2: Duct Tape Time!

Wrap the sleeve in duct tape. I used strips but if you want, you could just wrap it.



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    close-ish... sorta-kinda. This is a word that has been stolen, by people who should have made up a new one. Really a zarf is (usually) metal; it is a ring (usually with a botttom) with a handle that holds a glass so it can be used as a cup, (like for Turkish Coffee) so you (the beverage drinker) can have your drink hothothot, without burning your fingers. A Duct Tape Zarf (with wire or a ring of some kind for a handle) would be GREAT!!

    Did you know that "a coffee sleeve" is also called a zarf?
    Nice idea to make one that you can reuse. How long does it last?

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    No i did not know that cool! !t will last very long if you don't spill on it!