Picture of Duct Tape Rocket
Materials Needed:

1. A roll of duct tape
2. A cardboard tube
3. Some sort of cardboard box
4. Scissors
5. Compass (mathematical)
6. A rocket engine
7. Straw (optional)
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Step 1: The Body

Picture of The Body
Step 1: Take your cardboard tube and wrap duct tape around it 4 - 5 times. The more layers it has, the more sturdy it will be.

Step 2: Trim the ends off according to the length of your tube and how small you want the rocket to be.

Step 2: Adding the Fins

Picture of Adding the Fins

It's up to you to decide how you wish to orient your fins. I chose to use 2 sets of four. One large set in the back, and one smaller set in the front.

Step 1: Take your cardboard box and cut out a stencil for each size of fin. Make sure to mark these so that you don't accidentally end up using them.

Step 2: Cut out 4 of each size

Step 3: Cover the fins with duct tape. Fold the tape over the cardboard and trim off the excess.

Step 4: Attach the fins to the body. I recommend placing them about an inch from the bottom and/or top.

Step 3: The Nose Cone

Picture of The Nose Cone
The nose cone is probably the most difficult part of the entire rocket.

Step 1: Create a double-backed sheet of duct tape that is about 3 strips in width and length (this means putting the two sticky sides together)

Step 2: Cut a circle out using a compass and scissors

Step 3: Cut the circle in half

Step 4: Curl the semi-circle up until the bottom of the cone is the same as the circumference of the top of your cardboard tube (until it fits snugly on the top)

Step 5: Attach with more tape.