The ancient Romans knew the power of Duct Tape.  In decisive victory after victory, Duct Tape brought them through the woes of battle, with little more than than a scratch.

Step 1: Get Some Cardboard

This will be the meat of your shield and armor. 
anyone else think of rory williams at this? <br>
Oh but of course :). The kid even looks like Rory.
i love how you make your kid all sorts of cool things out of duct tape... i wish my dad did that. oh no my daddy issues are coming out. sorry. i like the instructable
bro that is SICK
<br> You've been busy, I like your colour schemes.<br> <sub>(it's <em>veni vidi vici</em> and as they are all past-tense you can't be ready to. I'm not good enough with Latin to give you any different tenses though...)</sub><br> <br> L<br>
Thanks a bunch, &quot;Little Cesar&quot; is a super history buff.
This is precious! Congrats for making your own toys and costume!

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