This instructable is on how to make a cool rose looking pen out of duct tape.

What you will need is:

- duct tape (preferrably red and green)
- a normal bic pen (those that dont click and with caps)
- scissors (optional)

Step 1: Cut out your Duct Tape Squares

In this step you need to cut out about twenty; 2 inch x 2 inch duct tape squares. This depends on the size of your duct tape so if your duct tapes width is about 1.5 inches, then make the squares about 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch, etc.

<p>Mabey you should add more deatail because mine came out horrible</p>
<p>I made a dozen for my wife (which she won't use because she is afraid to lose them) and a few for my niece so she would have pens that would make all the other girls in her class jealous.</p>
<p>Haha I'm glad you (as well as your wife and niece!) liked them! And now that you mention it, I completely agree with you that it would make more sense switching steps 4 and 5 so the stem covers the base of the rose. I must not have thought about that when making the rose for the first time! :P Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the instructable!</p>
<p>I feel like they last a little longer if you swap steps four and five. That way the little pieces you use look like the base of the rose and the bottoms of them will be wrapped under the stem, making them less likely to fall off.</p>
<p>that is so cool</p>
Got lost at the 4th part
Overall a very complete and understandable instructional. Hope you post more duct-tape crafts for those who don't know them already.
Omg I LOOOVVVEEE this idea and I taught my sisters and now we started a.buisness

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