Duct Tape Rose Pen

Picture of Duct Tape Rose Pen

This instructable is on how to make a cool rose looking pen out of duct tape.

What you will need is:

- duct tape (preferrably red and green)
- a normal bic pen (those that dont click and with caps)
- scissors (optional)

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Step 1: Cut out your Duct Tape Squares

Picture of Cut out your Duct Tape Squares

In this step you need to cut out about twenty; 2 inch x 2 inch duct tape squares. This depends on the size of your duct tape so if your duct tapes width is about 1.5 inches, then make the squares about 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch, etc.

Step 2: Forming the Petal Shapes

Picture of Forming the Petal Shapes

Now you take each square one by one and form them into an "L" shape on where there is the sticky part of the tape. To do this take one corner and fold it into the opposite corner leaving about 1 centimeter in between, now if you rotate what you have you should have an "L" shape of the sticky side and the rest is the outside of the duct tape.

Then take your "L" and fold one of the sides into the other side, so there is a rectangle of the sticky part of the tape on the bottom and a triangle of the outside of the duct tape on the top. The last picture is when all of the triangle shaped things are all done.

shadria114 months ago

that is so cool

misskk1431 year ago
9b4z1l1 year ago
Got lost at the 4th part
Japple672 years ago
Overall a very complete and understandable instructional. Hope you post more duct-tape crafts for those who don't know them already.
Omg I LOOOVVVEEE this idea and I taught my sisters and now we started a.buisness