Step 6: Finish the Petals

Picture of Finish the Petals
After a good amount of petals (your choice really) You should have something that looks like this.
Finally!-Someone actually giving helpful instruction to open up the petals-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
123AAA4 years ago
this is awesome!thanks man.
alx8 years ago
How do you make it opened like this? My flower always finished really tall and narrow, I4d like to have large opened flowers like your :)
Herrozerro (author)  alx8 years ago
I build loosely, i also put mu finger on the rose and wrap the petals over it to get them to start to open up. It takes practice, ive been doing this for at least a year now. I would say try to make them sloppy, not all tight. Imprefection is perfection here :P
thats the same problem that i was having...  thanks for that comment tho :)
kamo423915 years ago
ok i so need help i  dont get how to get it to go out like this!!!
I did everything like you said too but it doesn't look as good as that.
Any possibility of a video?
Gsusfreak945 years ago
I just can't get it to "flower" like that! mine is all tight and straight not flowing out.. :( please help!
I really liked this, good work putting it together. What I like to do is to use a straw for the stem, and then wrap it with green duct tape (with a little green leaf!). :)
jenrae6 years ago
thank you sooooo much - i'm sure my junior high co-op class will really like this alternative valentines day craft
lukichu7 years ago
wow thank you sooo much its awsome !!
ianbar208 years ago
when you start on the petals, do you start at the same level as the otner petals?
like this:

-> starting level ------- all petals

or is it like this ? all petals
->starting level --------
Herrozerro (author)  ianbar208 years ago
The way i would explain it is that the petals build on each other. the level depends on the size of the petals, generally i try to keep the tips around the same level or slightly lower to get that open rose look
man, thanks for the detailed instructions. i made one before and it was tall, but on only my 2nd time i nailed it. this is so cool. i tried the website you got it from and it wasn't half as good as your instructions. thanks again, man.