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Introduction: Duct Tape School Supplies Belt Jockey

I always carry certain things in my pocket at school:

-Mechanical Pencil
-Blue Pen
-Red Pen
-Black Pen
-I.D. Card
-Pencil Lead

When ever I bend down. the various utensils poke my hip, making it extremely uncomfortable. With the exception of the lead and the eraser, this little holster carries everything. You also show off your inner geek and DIY spirit. What's the best part? It's cheap and easy because it is made of the best material in the world...DUCT TAPE! I know it doesn't look the best, but it is fairly durable and practical for MY uses (I do NOT want any comments on how this is of no use to you). I hope you enjoy, and I am open to comments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (please be nice).

I have made a grand total of 9 of these, plus one baby size because a bunch of my teammates wanted them (as well as the coaches!) , so I made 3 for coaches, 5 for other players, and 1 for the coach's baby as a joke. :) 



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    YOU ARE A GENIOUS !!! YOU JUST CREATED BASICALLY A SCOOL SURVIVAL KIT HOLDER!!! THAT IS SOOOOO COOL... and to jimofoz.. you r mean you are just jealous that he invented it.. :D

    I wrapped the tape around the calculator (sticky side out), and (trying not to get hair or other debris in it) I placed more tape around it (sticky side to sticky side) so the outside wasn't sticky and it formed a pouch. I used a similar technique (sticky side to sticky side) to form the I.D. card slit, pen tubes, and belt loops. I could post some pictures of it empty and opened so that you can see the inside (if you want).

    yeah that would be helpful especially the loop

    Here you go. I used the same technique for the pencil tubes and I.D. card slit. Good luck and thank you for showing an interest in my invention. Tell me if you have any more questions.

    TapeDemo 005.JPGTapeDemo 006.JPGTapeDemo 007.JPGTapeDemo 008.JPGTapeDemo 009.JPGTapeDemo 010.JPGTapeDemo 011.JPG

    Okay. It's really simple when you see it, I'm just not the best at describing it. I'll post some pictures on how to make the loop as soon as I have some time.


    People (especially my friends) call me a nerd for it, but they're just jealous. :)

     Haha, definitely :)

     Wow - there are so many comments that come to mind that I really shouldn't post.

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