Picture of Duct Tape Shoe!
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Step 1: Gather Materials!

Picture of Gather Materials!
You will need: - old flip flops -Duct tape -Some kind of rope (i used paracord) -Scissors -Lighter(optional. I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your self)

Step 2: Burn

Picture of Burn
13, 3:36 PM.jpg
Burn the ends of the paracord to prevent fraying.

Step 3: Begin Structuring The Front

Picture of Begin Structuring The Front
13, 3:36 PM.jpg
Take a piece of tape and place it sticky side up under the thong. Fold the tape over and stick it on the base of the shoe

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 Until The Whole Front Is Covered

Try to fill in as many holes as possible.

Step 5: Cover Front With Ductape

Picture of Cover Front With Ductape
13, 3:36 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
Trim any excess.

Step 6: Make Duct Tape Fabric

Picture of Make Duct Tape Fabric
Search for instructions if you need to. Make it so that it is one and a half strips wide and as long as you need to wrap it around the back of your foot.

Step 7: Wrap It Around Town!

Picture of Wrap It Around Town!
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
Wrap the fabric around the back of your foot and tape it on both sides.

Step 8: Tape At The Bottom

Picture of Tape At The Bottom
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
Start taping the fabric down to the bottom of the shoe.

Step 9: This Is What It Should Look Like

Picture of This Is What It Should Look Like
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
You can stop here or keep going

Step 10: To Make A Complete Shoe....

Picture of To Make A Complete Shoe....
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
Take the tape and tape a strip sticky side up. Then put tape over that and fill in any holes.

Step 11: Cut

Picture of Cut
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
Cut a small triangle out of the top then cut holes on the side. Also cut the paracord to size.

Step 12: Thread

Picture of Thread
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
Thread the paracord to make shoe laces.

Step 13: Decorate!

Picture of Decorate!
I added different duct tape to the tip of the shoe.

Step 14: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
13, 3:37 PM.jpg
Fill any holes or seal the edges just do whatcha gotta do.

Step 15: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Please let me know if you tried this and please vote for me. If I am allowed into a contest :) thanks!!!
I've tried that! I love making duck tape stuff and check out my instructable on duck tape shoes, I made one and then scrolling through the duck tape section, I found this one too!! Please take a look at mine, comment, favorite, and vote for me! Thank you!
Unicornz (author) 11 months ago
Thanks SJF007!! You rock I love your minecraft tutorials!!!!
SJF00711 months ago
Hey unicornz you are very nice thank you for commenting on my stuff you make awesome stuff
Thank You,

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