Picture of Duct Tape Shoes
This Instructable will show you how to make duct tape shoes.

This is my first instructable so please give me ideas on how to make my next one better:)
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Step 1: Get your materials

Picture of Get your materials
For duct tape shoes, you will need...
~Duct Tape
~A Pen
~Flip flops or shoes that fit you

Step 2: Trace Flip flop or shoe

Picture of Trace Flip flop or shoe
Trace the flip flop or shoe onto the card board
make sure to trace both flip flops/ shoes or else you will have two of the same feet

Step 3: Cut out

Picture of Cut out
Cut out the shape from the cardboard

Step 4: Cover the cardboard

Picture of Cover the cardboard
cover the cardboard wit tape, make sure that the tape goes all the way over the cardboard, you will just cut it off to make it look better

Step 5: Cut the Extra duct tape off

Picture of Cut the Extra duct tape off
Cut the extra duct tape off so that it looks like a shoe

Step 6: Make the strap for the shoe

Picture of make the strap for the shoe
make a strap that goes on top of your foot

if you have questions, look at the pictures

Step 7: Attach more straps

Picture of attach more straps
Attach more straps until you get to your toe.

Step 8: The heel

Picture of The heel
Attach the heel

Take a piece of cardboard, and cover in duct tape

look at pictures to get more info

Step 9: Add straps to the side of the shoe

Picture of Add straps to the side of the shoe
add the straps that connect you the shoe and the straps

Step 10: Do the next shoe

You are done with the first shoe now so follow steps 4-9 to make the other shoe

Step 11: Put more duct tape on the sole

Picture of put more duct tape on the sole
The bottom of your shoe should be really messed up, so put duct tape on the bottom to make bottom less sticky

Step 12: YOU'RE DONE!!!!!

Picture of YOU'RE DONE!!!!!
you're done now, so go and show off your new shoes!!!!
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DiliH6 months ago

I am going to make this soon! So awesome!

I like the slip-on version (this one) better than the one with laces.


jgulley13 years ago
It would be awesome to make these with clear tape. You're at school, and the principal is all like "Oh Em Gee, you aren't wearing shoes, STFU AND GTFO and get to my office NEOW!"
"Oh, but I AM wearing shoes, see?"
"Grrr...How dare you make a fool of me! Next time, vengeance shall be mine!" *herp*
isa996 jgulley110 months ago

That would be funny....hehehe -rubs hands evilly-

Hehe. I just might try that...
Dparedes1031 made it!12 months ago

Made it!!!!

So I just did this... It turned out awkward. Ugh... I've worked with tape for 2 years... I figured I'd be able to do it. Oh well... :/
or just trace youre feet
not my fault i like to trace things with chainsaws :(
i will give you that but what the f%$@ would make you do that its card board not 2X4
yes RLY
FYI, im a spy
it seems i am not the only spy (uses cloaking wach and runs back to the intel)
Oh no am I 2 late 2 catch spenfisher? Oh dammit! Missed him by that much!( Starts getting out shoe phone to call HQ) (in a girl voice) why don't you go after him? ( back in normal voice) Good thinkin 99!
hey ima comment on this because its a long convo :D
ryguy95 years ago
for grips, do what the hockey players do to their sticks... unroll a bunch of duct tape, hold the end, and spin the roll until it ends up small and stuck together... cut that off and tape it on :D
I play hockey and we use hockey stick tape and you just tape a small end on the stick and twist the tape and wrap the stick. then put tape over it
lee2vee3 years ago
nice job but you must ad a little you now style!
armorlord4 years ago
Really loved these shoes. Tried making myself a pair with whatever duct taped i could scavenge but they didn't end up so well :(

I found this great website with a bunch of duct tape products

They have a bunch of interesting ideas- people should definetly check them out.
i think the same thing

like making a duct tape tie
jdougherty24 years ago
Or, you could trace one shoe/flip flop twice and flip one of them over. Or, mask two pieces of cardboard together, trace one show/flip flop, unmask and flip one of the blanks over.
hampy224 years ago
this is great i will definiatly share with my friends but i could not get the inside boxes on the first part it would not show please help
Kelp_horse4 years ago
I think this idea is great but if I get around to making these I am going to take the strap off my flip flops and use them for the sole, it will be more comfy and they wont wear as much.
JonathanTD4 years ago
Well if its cold at your house you could probably put cotton or some poped bubble wrap to keep your feet warm right??
do you put duct tape on both sides?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! please contact back i really want to make these
Yes, you put duct tape on both sides.
Jimmacle4 years ago
I love this project! I'm building it as I type, and have had no problems so far!
i am making tie dye shoes!!!!!!!
i made them but with some foam i had for on top of the cardboard so it was easier on my feet but i made them with bright orange and bright green
Circus Bear4 years ago
I think I'm going to make these, but instead of the cardboard souls, I'll just use flip flops!
Alinora4 years ago
For more tread you can put hot glue gun glue in a zig-zag pattern on bottom. and on the inside, where your foot rests^^
instrct4 years ago
i saw some sandals for sale online also made of duct tape these look pretty nice tho. how long did it take you?
Hey saxophones! i have a question, how do you make the toe? i see the straps, but, how is the tow front made? Please comment back, or shoot me an email at
i gotta go make this!
A freind of mine made some awesome ones a while back... With shoelaces and everything!
saxophones (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
I made some with laces and they are really comfortable
Duct tape laces?
saxophones (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
o, no i just put regular laces on them, did your friend make the laces out of duct tape?
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