Picture of Duct Tape Snow Shoes
well this it my first instructables ans i love to snowshoe but unfortunately i cant afford my own so i thought to make my very own snow snow shoes.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
what you need:

duct tape

an old shoe or somthing
MelissaH29 months ago

I think this was a very clever use of very simple materials. Good work Connoboarder!

I think Jack London used to make snow shoes this exact same way.
connoboarder (author)  Jack A Lopez4 years ago
thats cool!!
R U Serious?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
connoboarder (author)  ArtsyFartsyGirl4 years ago
You copied me.
rabidsquire2's were better.
connoboarder (author)  jwolski4 years ago
im sorry but i never saw his snow shoes
Haha, its cool dude, I'm just kidding with ya. i can't enter them anyway... it blows. Thanks Jwolski!! Good luck in the contest~~
connoboarder (author)  rabidsquire24 years ago
ya i got info and mine fail.............jwoski is right your are WAY!! better
connoboarder (author)  rabidsquire24 years ago
what! when did you make these snow shoes.