Picture of Duct Tape Snow Shoes
well this it my first instructables ans i love to snowshoe but unfortunately i cant afford my own so i thought to make my very own snow snow shoes.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
what you need:

duct tape

an old shoe or somthing

Step 2: What to do

Picture of what to do
first lay the sticks out

Step 3: What to do

Picture of what to do
then tape the sticks together

Step 4: What to do

Picture of what to do
doouble over tape to make little things going across it

Step 5: What to do

Picture of what to do
tape an old shoe on real well

Step 6: There ya go!!

Picture of there ya go!!
MelissaH25 months ago

I think this was a very clever use of very simple materials. Good work Connoboarder!

I think Jack London used to make snow shoes this exact same way.
connoboarder (author)  Jack A Lopez3 years ago
thats cool!!
R U Serious?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
connoboarder (author)  ArtsyFartsyGirl3 years ago
You copied me.
rabidsquire2's were better.
connoboarder (author)  jwolski4 years ago
im sorry but i never saw his snow shoes
Haha, its cool dude, I'm just kidding with ya. i can't enter them anyway... it blows. Thanks Jwolski!! Good luck in the contest~~
connoboarder (author)  rabidsquire24 years ago
ya i got info and mine fail.............jwoski is right your are WAY!! better
connoboarder (author)  rabidsquire24 years ago
what! when did you make these snow shoes.
vishalapr4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
connoboarder (author)  vishalapr4 years ago
oh wow im sorry for wasteing your duct tape.......