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Introduction: Duct Tape Speakers

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Hi guys, this is my first Instructable and I will show you how to build some efficient speakers with just a little of duct tape and copper wire. I hope you enjoy! (Forgive my bad english, I will try to be as clear as possible)

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:
- Insulated copper wire (as thin as possible, a little more than a human hair)
- A pair of earphones
- A powerful magnet

and obviously......

- THE DUCT TAAAAAAPE (I used some Masking tape but any kind of tape is fine. the important thing is to have a sticky surface on which to paste the coil)

Step 2: Tools

For this instructable you will just need:
- Scissors
- Lighter

Step 3: The Surface

First you need to build the surface on which to assemble the speaker. Cut five strips of adhesive tape (about 10-11 cm long) and stick them close to each other (IMPORTANT: THE STICKY PART MUST BE FACING UP).
Then cut off the irregular sides

Step 4: The Coil

To build the coil just follow the drawing. When you reach the last coil (the smallest), cuts a thin strip of tape and (always with the sticky side upwards) stick it as in the picture, allowing the end of the wire to pass over to the other coils. In the end leave 5-6 cm long terminal.

Step 5: The Cable

To connect the speaker to the signal source you will need a stereo cable. You can buy one at http://www.radioshack.com or You can obtain it from a pair of headphones, as I did.

Step 6: Cardboard Support

If you want you can build a small cardboard support, for aesthetic reasons

Step 7: NOW TRY IT! :D

To use the speaker need only connect it to a source of audio signal and push your magnet toward the center of the coil. More the magnet will be close and higher will be the volume! First I connected it to my phone, but to hear the sound I had to literally stick it in my ear (it was like to wear headphones). Then I connected it to a very old cassette player (which amplifier was much more powerful) and you can hear the result in the video (you can feel the speaker vibrate if you hold it in your hand).
WARNING: DON'T to use this speaker for a long time and DON'T  connect it to amplifying equipment that might be damaged. (I plugged it to a very old cassette recorder, and I have nothing to lose if it breaks). DON't  ruin expensive equipment!

I hope you enjoyed,



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    I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong. I've made 3 so far and none of them make a sound!? Any help? I did it the same as above, only I used duct tape instead of masking tape. Even tried using a hard drive magnet like above, still nothing. I thought it would be a neat project to do with some kids but not if it's not going to work. Dissapointed...

    that is really cool... thank you. I'm getting ready to post my first as well.

    What gauge wire and any suggestions where to get it?

    Congratulazioni! 2 italiani fra i vincitori!!! :D

    ahahaha grazie!! e ti faccio i miei complimenti per il settimo posto :) ti sono già arrivati i premi?

    Grazie mille!! :)
    Allora, siccome l'Italia non potrebbe partecipare ai concorsi ho dato l'indirizzo di un amico che vive negli Stati Uniti e so che il pacco gli è già arrivato quindi uno di questi giorni me lo manda a me...però è frustrante perchè ci mette il doppio del tempo e costa anche! Avevo la tentazione di provare a mettere il mio indirizzo ma alla fine ho preferito rispettare le regole per sicurezza. A te è già arrivato? Dove te lo sei fatto mandare?

    Si, non capisco il perchè di queste complicazioni.... me lo sono fatto mandare in germania da un mio amico, in modo da non pagare tasse doganali (non mi farebbe molto piacere dover pagare magari 50 euro o più per una maglietta...). Il mio mio amico mi ha detto che è arrivata senza problemi, aspetto che arrivi a me ora :)

    L'ho chiesto tempo fa e mi hanno risposto che è colpa delle leggi italiane (ti pareva...). A proposito, l'altro giorno ho avuto l'onore di essere intervistata come Featured Author e grazie a questa intervista ho trovato altri italiani su Instructables! Ho scoperto che ad uno di loro il premio gliel'hanno mandato in Italia tranquillamente quindi se avrò la fortuna di vincere qualcos'altro proverò a mettere il mio indirizzo, speriamo in bene! :D