Picture of Duct Tape Swing
Hello all,
In this instructable you will discover how to build a swing out of duct tape in 3 easy steps:

1. Woodworks
2. Duct Tape
3. Rope it up

Duct Tape: about 10m.
Wooden rod: 20mm diameter (an old mop or broomstick can work just fine)
Rope: 4 mm diameter and maximum 10m in length (length depends on the swings hight)

Drilling machine
8mm drill head

Let's get to work.

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Step 1:

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Step 1: Woodworks

1. Use the saw to cut the wooden rods into 30cm equal parts.
2. Drill 2 holes in each rod at 25mm from each edge.
3. Important tip: sand the processed areas to avoid spinters.

Now your wood supports are done.

Step 2:

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Step 2: Duct Tape
This step is divided into two supsteps
Substep 2.1: Horizontal duct tape

1. Cut the duct tape into 4 pieces of 100 cm each. (I am using a 50 mm duct tape)
2. Place the pieces close to each other on the floor\working area (adhesive side up. if you have a small overlapping area its ok as well)
3. Place one wooden rod approximately 10 cm from the edge (make sure to center the duct tape pieces so they don’t block the holes you drilled)
4. Fold the tip of the duct tape on the rod (for all 4 pieces).
5. Place the second rod 40 cm from the first rod.
6. Fold the remaining duct tape on the rod and the remaining duct tape.

Step 3:

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Substep 2.1: Vertical reinforcement duct tape
If you are in a hurry you can skip this step. It basically gives reinforcement and longer product life for our swing.

1. Cut the duct tape into 2 pieces of 45cm each.
2. Place these pieces near the wooden rods, vertically to the ones from step 2.1.
3. Fold and tighten the duct tape.

lemonie4 years ago
Aww, I thought you'd made rope out of tape...
Nice swing though.

That's what I thought too.
Jodex DIY Dave4 years ago
You're not the only ones.
sitzikbs (author)  Jodex4 years ago
O my ... so many thought that... maybe i should have done it... though im out of duct tape... my hammock consumed it all... 
sitzikbs (author)  DIY Dave4 years ago
I thought about it but i didnt want to over do it...
thanks for the compliments..