Picture of Duct Tape Templar Helmet
Say you were a knight of yore and your helmet were destroyed in battle and all your were left with was a box of Duct Tape.  What would you do?  Most, even the most battle harden knights, would go crying to mommy.  But with this handy dandy guide to making a Templar style helmet that won't ever happen again.
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Step 1: Making the helmet frame

Picture of Making the helmet frame
Get two (three if you have a big melon head) large pieces of paper.  These will make a skeleton for the helmet. You'll tape these together to make the helmet and cut a circular piece for the top of the helmet

Step 2: Measuring the helmet

Picture of Measuring the helmet
You will tape the two (or three) sheets of paper together and hold them around your head to make sure your helmet will fit you.

You will tape it together on your head, then remove the helmet.

Step 3: Covering the helmet in Duct Tape

Picture of Covering the helmet in Duct Tape

Now you will cover the entire outside of the helmet in Duct Tape.
Make a pattern for the eye slits.  Since this is a Templar helmet, the eye slits were done in a red Templar cross.  Cut and tape a circular piece for the top of the helmet and tape in place.

Step 4: Try on for size

Picture of Try on for size
Now you're ready to try the helmet on for size and make any last minute corrections before battling to the death.  Enjoy.