Everyone loves to make things out of pure duct tape. The only problem is that it is so difficult to work with. So, if you have enough patience and want to make something cool out of duct tape, then this is the instructable for you. I will walk you through the making of a duct tape tie that ties like a regular tie and is great for a last minute gift or maybe even a halloween costume.

Step 1: Materials

Since the tie is not going to appear into your hands(Although that would be so much easier) the materials you need are:

* Duct Tape- you could have more than one color if you wish to have a pattern
* A Real Tie- It serves as a tracer. It should be one that fits well and possibly old if you happen to draw on it.
* X-acto knife
* Sharpie Permanent Marker
* A nice, big, open workspace.
* Patince, my friend.

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