Step 2: Part One (Skinny Part/collar)

As to save time and tape and because not everyone has over a 6 foot wingspan, the tie will be divided into two parts. This step will cover the skinny part that goes around your neck.

     First, take your real tie and mark the point just before the tie expands and becomes wider. Cut a piece of tape generously longer than that length and lay it face up on your workspace (Picture 1). Then, cut another piece of tape that same length and put it over the first doing your best to cover all of the sticky parts.(picture 2)

     Next take the part of the tie that you just measured(up until it gets wider) and trace that along your "no stick" piece of tape(picture 3+4). Use you X-acto knife to cut out the traced part. Try to stay inside the lines to avoid the marker being seen on the finished product(picture 5).

Now, to avoid the tie sticking to your shirt, we want to cover any edges that may be sticky on this part. Simply take a length of tape around 4-5 inches and cover the front and plant down the sides on the back of the tie(picture 6).

     This completes the first part of the tie.

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