We've got a lot of duct tape in our house. Well, I suppose everyone has a lot of duct tape in their house... what's a house without duct tape?

The bathroom was in desperate need of some color.

Something had to be done.

I'll try to leave the puns out of this instructable, but it's going to be difficult considering the subject matter.

Let's get to it...

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Stuff probably required for this project:

  • toilet seat in need of covering
  • copious amounts of duct tape
  • polyurethane, lacquer, varnish, shellac, etc. (unfortunately, that one-coat-equals-60-coats-of-varnish-epoxy-stuff probably wouldn't work since this isn't a flat surface)
  • appropriate brush
  • super glue
Haha, cool but I don't want my butt to touch duct tape...
<p>I think that's what the polyurethane is for...</p>
<p>i guess this is the kingdom of bacteria!!!!</p>
Imagine if the sticky side was facing up...
<p>I would normally come back with something like &quot;Oh, snap!&quot; but it doesn't really work in this case.</p>
<p>Haha, this is awesome, I love it! You should do the top of the lid in a sun or starburst kind of pattern!</p>
<p>Sun or starburst... check!</p>

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