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How to make a versatile and TOUGH tool tote out of items around the house. This was inspired by and AWP tool bag that I purchased last year, and some Craftsman tool bags that I have seen at hardware stores. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials Needed!

For this project you will only need very few items, and it shouldn't cost much at all. I made mine with everything I had at home.

You will need:

-Cardboard (And some paperboard for the pockets)
-Scissors (optional)
-Box cutter or Razor blade
-Tape Measure or ruler.
-Tools to fill it with :)

I created this using what I had on hand and it is very handy!

Step 2: Preperation

Before we start taping, some cutting is needed to be done.

Using cardboard, a ruler, and a box cutter, cut out three (3)  12 in X 8 in cardboard pieces, and two (2) 8 in X 8 in cardboard pieces. These will assemble to create the basic structure of your tool tote.

Step 3: Taping the Structure

Lay the 3  12 in X 8 in slats together, with the 12 in sides touching. Tape these sides together, the middle slat will be your bottom. Add the 8 in X 8 in sides  and tape them together ( PICTURE 3). Once there is a nice layer of tape (Picture 4), flip the cardboard over, and tape the other side (Picture 5).

Step 4: Make the Ends Flexible

Take the ends of the tool bag structure ( 8in X 8 in sides) and work them with your hands to  make them flexible. Make sure that they will be concave (hollowed inwards), and face inwards towards the toolbag, this will allow the toolbag to close fully.

Step 5: Tape the Sides Together.

Tape the sides together.

Take each adjacent side of board and tape them together. making sure the ends that you just bent, curve INWARDS. Once you see the structure taped, tape the inside seems together as well.

Step 6: Creating Handles

Cut out 2 cardboard handles for your toolbag. Each handle should be roughly 1 inch X 7 inch. Once the handles are cut out, wrap them in duct tape to give them a nice duct tape layer.

Step 7: Attaching the Handles

To attach the handles, use 5 inch strips of duct tape on both sides ( 8 strips total, 4 strips per side). Keep 1 inch of space between the handle and the tote, also make sure the handles are centered!

Step 8: Making and Adding End Pockets

These are the pockets that will hold tools and go on the ends of the tool tote ( the ends are the cardboard pieces you bent). Start by cutting out two (2)  4 in X 5 in sections of PAPERboard ( to allow flexibility). Once the sections are cut, tape the pocket to the ends of the tool tote (making sure not to tape down the pocket opening).

Step 9: Making and Adding Side Pockets

These are the pockets that hold your tools that are attached to the SIDES of the tool tote.

Cut out eight (8)  3 in X 4 in paperboard sections (picture 1), 4 sections will be taped on each side. Now tape each pocket to the side, being cautious not to close the pocket opening, you must tape the pockets individually so that they will be separate pockets, and not just 1 big side pocket ( unless of course you want it that way!) Repeat for the opposite side.

Step 10: Add Tools and Bask in Your Glory

Great for a gift for the handy man in the family! Take it anywhere you need basic tools, a water resistant bag for all your works needs.

and its...DUCT TAPE TOUGH!



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This is great! I have found some colorful duct tape in a hardware store and I'm thinking of making a knife case/knife roll so my 10" cook's knife and paring knives are organized in my bag whenever I come to class.

This is a great. I plan on making me one for my paint.

I needed a amp cover for my small bass amp and saw this instructable I plan to make it just the way your tool tote is made only use it upside down. to cover the small 12in cube amp leaving a slot in the bottom for a handle. Thank for the idea and inspiration

Cool! Send me pics when its done if you can, I would like to see it!

How is it holding up? Have you been usin it since you made it last month? Would love to hear about it!

Its been holding up pretty good, I have used it mainly to store basic tools for whenever I need to grab them and go. Its very handy, I used it to take parts up to my pole barn (shop where my power tools are) on my last project for instructables. Overall, the duct tape made a very sturdy bag!

you beat me in duct tape contest : [ good idea though!!!! ; ]

good 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew you'd win!!!!!

Thanks very much :D