Have you ever seen a more perfect fusion of class, style, and redneck ingenuity? Follow closely and you, too may have your very own wearable silver topper stuck together from one of the most versatile of materials.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

     Duct Tape
     A pen would be nice
...and that's pretty much it!

     Optionally, you may want to have an existing brimmed hat that fits you to help size your tape hat correctly.
      As for your work space you will need plenty of room with a clean, flat surface where you can stick some tape and pull it back up without ripping off part of your table or getting your tape covered in filth.
<p>People are so amassed by the hat</p>
<p>Very nice tutorial and it was fun making the top hat.</p><p>I made the mistake of making it from stage tape though, so it did not survive very long.</p><p>Was a lot of fun wearing it around though!</p>
<p>I made it one afternoon for the festivities of Queen's Night in the Netherlands. There were some pictures taken, not the best, but still, PROOF! :D The instructions were the best you could wish for ;). Sadly it didn't survive the night.</p>
I found your directions pretty clear. I like how you make your sheets because they are really sturdy. The lid gave me some trouble. I think I should have measured it off the brim before assembling. I took your advice and used a hat to measure off of. It was a present for my boyfriend and he really liked it. He's modeling it for my pictures.
Awesome. I'm glad they helped. It turned out very nice. I like how you alternated colors.
Awesome job, I love the little belt, it really makes a brilliant finishing touch.
its called a hat band.
This top hat is really awesome, i totally wanna make one.<br><br><br>reminds me of this really cool duct tape baseball cap that i saw here<br>http://www.etsy.com/listing/70115784/tie-dye-duct-tape-baseball-cap-yellow
finished it. i did it in black duct tape and it's now quite as smooth looking as yours, but for a first attempt at making anything from duct tape, i think it's ok (it didn't fall apart. yayyy!). it would have been a little helpful to have slightly more specific instruction on how to measure the inside of the brim and lid...that was a little bit confusing. also, how in the world did you get everything to be so smooth?! mine came out all...lumpy and disfigured. thanks!
Woah, sorry, I haven't logged in for a while.<br><br>Nice job! It looks great!<br>To tell you the truth, I have no idea how to measure the brim with its elongated shape, that's why I just traced my other hat. As for the lid, that was all guesswork. I will try to clarify those a bit in the future, though. Thanks for the input.<br><br>The smoothness could probably be attributed to the brand of tape I used. It was new roll of Duck. The backing on that tape is a bit less stretchy than other brands. Also, as I add each layer I start by pressing the tape on in the center and rolling the rest down each side, pressing out air pockets as I go.<br>Now that I think about it, I should add that, too.<br>Thanks again for the comment, it was helpful.
whiteboard marker actually works quite well to draw the shape initially, since its REALLY easy to wipe off the tape. i'm still in the process of making the hat, i might post a picture later :) awesome i'ble.
Nice, I've made a duct tape top hat before but it didn't look as nice as this. I may just have to make this one.
I have heard about using a bucket as a form for the tall part of the hat
AWESOME! <br><br>I actually want to be Slash, but I can't seem to find my little top hat I wanted to use... This'll be perfect! <br><br>PS: I'll have my Les Paul and my brother's being Duff with a bass for any gunners fans!
haha im being billy gibbons
That's friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mine always turn out like crap (ish)
So your hat looks like fecal matter?
the o in the center scares me a little cause i dont want to cut it to big or small.
Mine didn't turn out like yours... Quite different actually. I look like the mad hatter.
Love your hat though! Good show!
i LOVE it.
<br> Quality!<br> <br> L<br>

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