This is a Top Hat made out of duct tape (100%) I used packing tape on this instructable, but I have made a couple out of just duct tape, so it is very possible to do it with just duct tape. Another thing, this is my first instructable, so bear with me. Thanks, and I hope that this helps you.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies.

Ok. Let's get the supplies. What you will need is:

A duct tape roll (it can be colored, it's really your choice)
A pen
An X-Acto Knife or Scissors (I prefer the X-Acto Knife)
And a Cutting Board
i love the one that i made it was absolute perfection. i made it about 6 months ago and it still fits me today. i thank you a million times over for the idea. it really sparked my new hobby of duct tape craft. right now i have made the top hat, two street fighting gloves, a wallet , a magic wallet and right as your probably reading this i'm working on a duct tape over coat and pants. here's a tip on the hat and it works for every thing but duct tape wallets, make sure you layer it three or more times for great life and it won't bend or smash from dropping it, sitting on it or throwing it. thats all for now ta ta<br>
i thought it was pretty easy to understand:) mine came out a bit small though<br />
LOL! Today was hat day at school, and I am pretty sure someone was wearing a white version of this. It looks exactly like the ones in the 'ible... Here is the one I made for hat day
True dat.
add a picture for making the sheet it took me a while 2 understand that
awesomeness!! im gonna make tomorrow when i get bored. good job, you should remove step 8 cause there is nothing on it
ha ha thanks... I was gonna make another hat and re-post this instructable... but... my cam ran out of batteries and I got lazy and didn't feel like putting new ones in it.... lol... Thanks for the comments and 1100 views guys!!!
no need to thank for views, to cool things, duct tape and a top hat. what you think gonna happen, we all gonna say omg this kid put to kool things togethor he must be dumb, go away. hells no. im makin this. this is pretty beast. hard to follow tho
I like how you show the pictures but I think it is little hard to follow your instuctions.
Yeah, I had trouble verbalizing this, I'm sorry, I'll have to go back and re do it Sorry. thanks for viziting
I think you should just go through and look at it and whatever you think people might not understand make it a little simpler. Saves you time.
I'll try to do it when I get the time. thanks.
Well I'm glad I could help. I just have one thing to ask you, why would you actullay take the time to read and go through your comments? I mean you could just not care it is nice that some one actullay cares about what people have to say.
Yeah, I like feed-back It helps me improve stuff. Thanks,
I don't think you need to totally re do it just simplify the instructions a little more. It will save you some time.
wow that thing looks sweet i want to make one
LOL this will go perfect with my duct tape shoes, duct tape wallet, and my duct tape pencil case
hehe cool. I'm glad that this helped
this is simply awesome! do you wear it for normal use? and if so, how's it holding up?
I wear it semi often, and it is very durable, lol duh it's duct tape. (I wear the purple one not the orange one)
That's pretty cool man
Thanks man.

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