Picture of Duct Tape Tulip
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Step 1: Materials

~duct tape ~pen ~x-acto knife/scissors ~cutting board/ruler

Step 2:

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Cut 2 inch strips of tape, I used 12 strips but you can use as many or as few as you want

Step 3: Folding The Petals

Picture of Folding The Petals
13 3:39 PM.jpg
Fold one corner if your petal down across to the other side, then fold another corner down across the one folded before to create a point. Almost like a triangle.

Step 4:

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Fold all of your petals

Step 5: Adding Petals

Picture of Adding Petals
13 3:39 PM.jpg
13 3:39 PM.jpg
13 3:39 PM.jpg
Start to wrap your petals around your pen until you run out of them, you can add or take off petals as you want.

Step 6:

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13 3:39 PM.jpg
13 3:39 PM.jpg
Cut a strip of tape- mine was 3 inches- to wrap around your petals.

Step 7: Stem

Picture of Stem
Cut out a few strips of tape that will be the color of your stem-mine is green- and wrap it around the pen.

Step 8: Leaves

Picture of Leaves
13 3:39 PM.jpg
13 3:39 PM.jpg
Cut 3, 2 inch pieces of tape(preferably the same color as your stem) and fold them the same way as your petals add them to the top of your stem and your done! I hope your enjoyed this tutorial, bye.

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