Going to the great outdoors? Don't forget your handy dandy duct tape umbrella! Waterproof, lightweight, and just plain awesome, this umbrella is a must-have on your adventure or trip! This instructable can be used to fix or improve a broken, damaged, old, or boring umbrella for as little as $2!

This is an umbrella I made out of an old, broken umbrella, and half of a roll of duct tape. These simple steps will show you how to make your very own!

Step 1: Get the Parts

These are the only things you need:

1- Roll of Duct Tape
1- Umbrella (Old or broken, because buying a new one defeats the purpose of fixing an old one)
1- Pair of Scissors
30- Minutes of Free Time
this is cool idea but a bit messy... it'd look nicer and be better if you went round afterwards compressing all the bits of tape that aren't stuck together but hey who wants sticky fingers (thats what he(gay) said lolol)
Is that High Point Tower 2 behind you? Lol

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