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Going to the great outdoors? Don't forget your handy dandy duct tape umbrella! Waterproof, lightweight, and just plain awesome, this umbrella is a must-have on your adventure or trip! This instructable can be used to fix or improve a broken, damaged, old, or boring umbrella for as little as $2!

This is an umbrella I made out of an old, broken umbrella, and half of a roll of duct tape. These simple steps will show you how to make your very own!

Step 1: Get the Parts

Picture of Get the Parts
These are the only things you need:

1- Roll of Duct Tape
1- Umbrella (Old or broken, because buying a new one defeats the purpose of fixing an old one)
1- Pair of Scissors
30- Minutes of Free Time
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Is that High Point Tower 2 behind you? Lol