Step 8: Step 6

Fold the sheet in half, vertically (hot dog fold). Measure the height of the wallet and cut two strips of duct tape about ½ inch longer than the height. Use the strips to tape each end shut. Trim any excess.
very smart!
<p>I made mine with circut duct tape. I also added another pocket, so I had one for cash, and one for cards. I also made a pocket for each card. I didn't include the pictures here, but I printed out my initalis and taped them on. Thanks for this great tutorial!</p>
<p>Yah, pretty cool</p>
I like it!
Cool but needs some some decoration
try to get the wrinckles out andput some credit card holders on it then put an idee holder on it then it will be way better but looks great!!!!!!
Of course. This was a kid making it and from an awkward position due to the overhead camera, but I think it turned out pretty nice. She later made a second and added her initials in Duct Tape to the front. <br> <br>The ID holder is a great, but we just couldn't do it in the exhibit (too much instruction/time at that point), but we do encourage them to try to do it themselves.
ok cant wait to see more
For a first time shot, or for a kid to try this out, its a good easy tutorial. And it would be easy to add a single credit card slot later if they were interested.
Thanks! Yes, that's the idea for them to figure out how to modify it from there.
Nice! Great color choices too!
Thanks! I actually made the prototype using flame-patterned duct tape... :-)

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