Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet

A couple of weeks ago i lost my wallet.Then I thought i should design one myself.From a duct tape(or 10).Well,my main target is to make the wallet as slim and simple as possible.My last duct tape wallet couldn't even bent when i put my money in.To make things simple,first we should lay a strip of duct tape.Take another strip that's roughly the same size and carefully tape the half of the first duct tape(sorry about the picture sister used the dslr i normally use)

Step 1: Continue Stripping

Continue doing the last step until you have some sheets of duct tape(free of wrinkles).Then,connect using more duct tape until you have the basic shape of a wallet.I cut a hole at the bending point to make it slimmer and bend easier.

Step 2: Possibilities

Well,i made this wallet as simple as possible because i want it very slim.The good thing about this thing is you can add anything to your wallet such are more pockets,more and more pockets or even a secret pocket!You can have lots and lots of pockets(just don't forget where did you put the emergency money in the wallet).Sometimes i lost my wallet so you can buy a simple tracker and hide it between the layers, or rip open an RFID security pocket and add it to your minimalist wallet.All using duct tape!

ooh,i almost can use your duct tape wallet as a fire starter in an emergency situation(don't forget to take the money out first..or you could use your money as a fire starter too)


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