Introduction: Duct Tape Watch

Picture of Duct Tape Watch

It's a watch made from duct tape

Step 1: Find an Old Watch

Picture of Find an Old Watch

Find an old watch with no strap

Step 2: Get the Tape

Picture of Get the Tape

Get the tape

Step 3: Make the Strap

Picture of Make the Strap

I cut a hole in a piece of tape and then stuck it to another piece. Add a piece of tape as a buckle

Step 4: Stick on the Face

Picture of Stick on the Face

Do it

Step 5: Wear It and Be Awesome

Picture of Wear It and Be Awesome

To put on, wrap around wrist and secure with the sticky part of the tape.


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Bio: I live in NZ and I like making things, fire, destroying things and pies.
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