I'm an avid backpacker from the mountains in Colorado, and in the past I have found myself looking for a lightweight alternative to a nalgene bottle.  During my hikes, I found that it was useful to carry an additional water bottle to fill around camp, but carrying an additional empty nalgene bottle used up to much space.  So, I decided to make a water bottle that could carry roughly 1000ml out of Duct Tape.  The following steps provide the means to re-create the water bottle design.  In addition, though this is the way I decided to make the bottle, the project is completely customizable.  I will offer tips and tricks that I found successful throughout the project.  Have fun, and if you have any additional ideas, please comment and let me know.  Enjoy!!!!

P.S. I apologize for the light glare in some of the pictures.  I was limited to the camera on my phone at the time of construction.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The first thing you will need to do in order to work on your folding duct tape water bottle is to gather the necessary materials.  They are as follows:

-Nalgene Water Bottle

-One Roll of Duct Tape (Though you won't need the entire thing)

-One Wine Cork

-Pair of Sharp Scissors

As is evident, this project is extremely simple and will not dent your wallet.  Additional Nalgene bottles cost roughly $10 a piece, while a roll of duct tape from Wal Mart or Target, or even from the Duct Tape Website is just $2.99.  In addition, because of how the tape is used throughout this instructable, the thickness of the tape does not need to be very great, so even the generic rolls are fine.
Just made one. water tastes fine. I couldn't find a quark so just got some string and made the top close tightly with the string.
Is duct tape really food safe?
I do not know if all strains of duct tape is fine, but I have used mine now for two months and have never had a problem. I did, however, wash mine in a machine once before using it. I'll let you know if I find anything...
I actually tried this idea before, and I found that the water tastes horrible, which might be because I didn't wash it, but I don't know
Good idea. You can improve the result using white or reflectant (better) tape.<br><br>Red is almost like black regarding heat transfer.

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