Picture of Duct Tape Woven Floor Mat/Coaster
Make a woven floor mat and or coaster depending on the size desired!
Table Top Workspace (ie. kitchen table)
Duct Tape
Sewing Measuring Tape
Heavy Book (I used small phone book)
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Step 1:

Clear workspace, kitchen table works great
You will be measuring and folding strips of duct tape to weave

Step 2:

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Using a sewing measuring tape, to measure out desired length of strips
I taped the measuring tape to the table to prevent it from sliding around when I measured for each strip.
Then peel off duct tape to desired length......the measuring does not need to be exact
and cut


Step 3:

After cutting strip's length, you will fold in half or thirds depending on how wide you would like each individual strip. Keep in mind when attempting to fold in thirds with larger strips of duct tape, it gets "sticky", so for my floor mat, I chose to fold in half lengthwise; for my coaster, I chose to fold lengthwise in thirds.
I used a small phone book as a 2nd set of hands to hold the center of the strip down so each end can be evenly folded.
Continue to individually make enough strips to fit horizontally  
Repeat the same process only for your vertical strips (the verticals will be shorter in length-if you are wanting a rectangular end shape mat)

Step 4:

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When you have enough folded strips to fit horizontally and vertically... time to weave together. Peel off strip of duct tape long enough to fit to all of the horizontal strips side by side
Sticky side up, lay tape as a edge--then, place each strip and lay out all the horizontal strips(side by side).
Next weave vertical strips.
First strip will be woven from over then under
the next vertical strip will alternate the pattern (if you started over/under, just reverse it) 

When weaving, make each strip are right flush next to each other strip--to avoid holes in your weave.  
Ingenious and creative great job
ElvenChild4 years ago
totally epic idea a ducttape blanket
Oh yeah, that would be warm! Hahaha :p