Duct Tape Zelephant





Introduction: Duct Tape Zelephant

What is a Zelephant? A mix between a Zebra and an Elephant!!! Learn how to make your own pet Zelephant here!!

Step 1: Create a Template for the Body

To create the template, roll up Saran Wrap into your desired shape. Then cover it up with duct tape, and repeat for the head. I do not show pictures of this process because it is meant to be whatever shape you want.

Step 2: Connect the Head to the Body

Connect the head to the body using a strip of duct tape.

NOTE: I made the truck while I made the head, as it is attached.

Step 3: Make the Legs

Rip off a long strand of tape. Roll it up into a cylinder, and then rip off another smaller piece. Fold it onto the ends of the cylinder. Attach to legs using Duct Tape. (See Pictures)

Step 4: Make a Collar and Eyes

To make a collar, just take a strip of a different color of duct tape and wrap it around the neck. For the eyes, rip off a small piece, and rip it in half height wise. You're FINISHED!!!



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    it would have been easier if you showed pictures on the template

    Okay, thanks. I'll try and post them.