Introduction: Duct Tape Zune Case

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Hello out there all my diehard zune fans!!!
I'm going to show you how to make a VERY simple zune case for the smaller 4-16 gig sizes
I also will include how to make custom sticker decals for this case!

Step 1: Materials!!!

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For materials you will need,

1. your Zune (4, 8 or 16 gig sizes)

2. Duct tape

3. Packaging tape

4. exacto knife

5. a solid sheet of sticker paper


Step 2: Duct Tape # 1

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First, take your duct tape roll and measure a piece that is twice as long as your zune ( long as in vertical )
Next, tear another piece off that is the same size than the first one.
Finally, stick the two same sized pieces together so that you get one solid piece of duct tape with two sides.

Step 3: Duct Tape # 2

Picture of Duct Tape # 2

Now, fold the strip of duct tape in half ( make sure that when it's folded in half that it is mostly the same size as your zune!!!)
Next, measure out a piece of duct tape that is the length of your zune, or the length of the long strip folded in half.
Then, tape up one side of the strip that is folded in half to get something like the last picture.

Step 4: Duct Tape # 3

Picture of Duct Tape # 3

Repeat the last step except with the other side to get you finished Zune case!!!


If you want CUSTOM DECALS, go on to step 5.

Rate high!!! pls

Step 5: Custom Decal Time........YEYZ!!!

Picture of Custom Decal Time........YEYZ!!!

Ok, got your solid sticker sheet, packaging tape, and exacto knife!!!

first, go online and print some cool image. (I chose flames)
(make sure they are about the same size as the case)

now, take your sticker sheet, decal picture, and exacto knife.
place your picture on top of the sticker sheet and cut around the object in the picture ( make sure that you cut all the way through all of the layers!

peel the cutout out and you should have a sticker decal for your case!

Step 6: Now to Make the Sticker Stick Forever

Rip a peice of packaging tape off that is twice as long as your Zune.

Cover the sticker and the case whole.


I don't have any pics for this sry!!!

Step 7: DONE

Picture of DONE

Now, the zune may fit too tight at first, but the duct tape will stretch after a while

Rate this high for more creative zune cases from Bobert 610!!!


instructables4ever (author)2009-07-15

Nice one. Great instructable i always put decals and pictures on my cases two. Two bad i've got a First Generation 30GB... BUT... their both Zune so weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 it's not too hard to adapt the basic idea of this instructable to the size of your zune, i did one for my 120gb zune, for my dad's 80gb ipod classic, and for my 16gb iPod touch

old_bass_masta (author)2010-01-14

 I'll probably do this for my 120gb

bobert610 (author)old_bass_masta2010-01-15

 that might be a lot harder with a lot tighter fit...but go for it man!

old_bass_masta (author)bobert6102010-01-15

 it was pretty easy, and i made it out of bright blue duct tape :D

bobert610 (author)old_bass_masta2010-01-15

 what color decal/1?!

old_bass_masta (author)bobert6102010-01-15

 i just did my initials for now, i'll take a picture and upload it for you tomorrow after work. but the decal is D S M in black

Tzite (author)2009-09-21

Awesome Instructable. Made a light modification to the size to fit my Zune HD. I made the interior out of a lens coth so it wouldn't scratch the screen. Also I added a top flap and flap holder. Thanks for the concept.

bobert610 (author)Tzite2009-09-22

no probs and that sounds like a good mod. (I'm getting an HD soon YEY ZUNE)

knexxpro (author)2009-06-24

ZUNE FTW !!! nice 'ible btw

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