Introduction: Duct Tape Art What It Is and How It Can Be Used

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I'm ogel. I'm 13 and have been working with duct tape for about 2.5 years. I've tried a lot of different things with duct tape. I will show you a few things you can do with it and things that I have done.

Step 1: Getting Started With Making a Simple Design

Here is a simple time lapse: Video

Step 1: Print out your single color design

Step 2: Gather Duct Tape, an X-Acto Knife and Mat, Packing Tape, and Scissors

Step 3: Lay out a patch of duct tape a little bigger then your design

Step 4: Place your design over the duct tape then add a layer packing tape over it

Step 5: Trace it using the knife

Final Step: Tear the tape and paper off.

Step 2: Making a More Detailed Design.

Here is another time lapse: Video

Step 1: Repeat the first time lapse

Step 2: It is basically the same process as before, just layering with additional colors.

Step 3: What You Can Do With Your Designs

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Here are a few things I have done with them. Use your scraps to make abstract art.

If you're wondering what the bear paw with DIY on it is, it's the logo for


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Cool technique. I love the duct tape-decorated pumpkins!

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